The SafeSheath II family of introducers combines the time-tested design of a tear-away sheath and hemostatic valve with new and improved features to reduce back bleeding and the possibility of air embolism during venous access.

SafeSheath II Introduced into the subclavian vein in the standard manner, the hemostatic valve of the SafeSheath II seals the device during lead introduction and positioning.

The easy splitting, ergonomically-shaped break-away hub greatly simplifies sheath removal after lead or catheter placement. Extruded score line construction ensures a clean, even peel every time. A new elastomer snap-locking dilator connector assures a firm attachment to the sheath.

The three-way stopcock side port  provides a convenient means of aspirating and flushing the introducer, as well as for contrast and fluid administration.

Remington Medical Drainage Pouch

Disposable, Latex-Free 600 ml Drainage Bag Ideal For Fluid Drainage Including Abscess, Biliary And Nephrostomy.

30" Soft, Kink-Resistant Drainage Tube Can Be Cut To Appropriate Length
Anti-Reflux Valve To Prevent Retrograde Contamination
Fully Adjustable Soft Waist Belt
Twist Type Outlet Valve For Quick And Easy Emptying

Drainage bags

Fluid containment is one of our specialties. We have sterile and non-sterile drain bags available to fit urology tables for GE/OEC, Siemens, Dornier, Liebel Flarsheim, Mallinckodt, Covidien, and hoop style frames attached to a surgical table.  Can’t find a specific product? Our team is here to help, please contact us and we’ll quickly match you with the solution you need.